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SKU: 5050694004582
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Manufacturer: YUASA
Yuasa Maintenance-free motorcycle battery


- Maintenance-free starter battery in reliable brand quality

- leak-proof by AGM technology (Absorbed glass mat)

- Outflow-proof pressure relief valve prevents ignition of the electrolyte at overpressure

- Vibration resistant

- Up to 3x longer lifetime compared to standard batteries

- Advanced lead-calcium technology increases start-up performance

- Sulfate-Stop significantly restricts the plate sulphation

- Maintenance-free batteries do not need refilling of distilled water

- By a connected battery housing prevents leakage and corrosion

- An acid pack with the appropriate amount of acid for the filling is included in the delivery


 Identical in construction to:


JM Manufacturer number YT12B-BS

Varta Manufacturer number 51290

GS Manufacturer number GT12-B4


 Important information for Ducati models

 In older Ducati vehicles it is possible that the average battery cut-out, not with the

original battery cover must be harmonized and modified.

 The production of the old battery version has been discontinued.

 Attention! Do not use batteries with acid pack!

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