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SKU: 310151381
Availability: Out of stock
Manufacturer: CHINESE PARTS

Chinese regulator rectifier for BT49QT-12

Also known as:

  • BTM BT49QT-12 - BT49QT-12
  • Pulse Tanco 49 - BT49QT-12
  • Pulse Tanco 50 - BT49QT-12
  • Baotian Tanco 50 2 - BT49QT-12


Also available for: XGJ125-23(XGJAO) A31B AGILITY50 AJS CR3-125 APACHE 125 ARAGON 125 ARAGON 50 ARAGON 50 GP BT125T-12 BT125T-12E1 BT125T-12F BT125T-2 BT125T-7 BT49QT-11 BT49QT-12C1 BT49QT-12E1 BT49QT-20B2 BT49QT-20BB BT49QT-20CA BT49QT-28A BT49QT-28C BT49QT-7 BT49QT-9 BT50QT-9(Baotian50) CRACKER CTM50QT-7 DB125T-12A DB125T-25 DB125T-32 DB125T-6 DB125T-9 DB125T-E DB125T-F DB50QT-11 DB50QT-16 DB50QT-25 DB50QT-32 DD125E DFE125-8A DFE125L DFE50QT-3 DFE50QT-F DFE50QT-F(CRAZY) DY200 DZ125 F-ACT 50 FORMULA 50 GP50 GSX125 HL50QT-16 HN125-8 HT100-8 HT125-4F HT125-8 HT125T-21 HT125T-25 HT125T-4 HT125T-9 HT50QT-10 HT50QT-16 HT50QT-25 HT50QT-25A@ HT50QT-28 HT50QT-36 HT50QT-6 HT50QT-7 HT50QT-9 HURRICANE HURRICANE (4T) HZM50QT-16 HZM50QT-16 4T JL125-11 JL125-13 JL125T-10 JL125T-12A JL125T-13 JL125T-6 JL125Y JL250-5 JL250V JL50QT-5 JL50QT-6 JL50QT-7 JS250ATV-3A JS250ATV-5 JS400ATV-2 JSD50QT-13 JSM125 JSM50 KS125-23 KS125-24 KS125-3 KS125GY-3A KS125GY-6 LB50QT-16 LB50QT-21 LF100-A LF110GY-E LF125-14F LF125-30 LF125-J LF125GY-3 LF125GY-6 LF125T-6 LF125T-9A LF250 LF250-B LF400 LF50Q-2 LF50QT-2A LF50QT-8D LH50QT-9 LJ125T-A LJ50QT-K LK125GY-2 LK50GY-2 LLX125T-11 LLX50QT MPED50 OLIVER 125 OLIVER 50 QM125-2C QM125-2V QM125GY QM125T-10H QM50QT-6A QM50T-10R RALLYSC RBP125 ZN50QT-E(RETRO50) RMR125 RMR200 RS450 Renegade 125 ZN125T-E(Tamoretti) SB125-B08 SB125-B09 SB125T-21(B08) SB125T-21(B10) SB125T-23 SB125T-23A SB125T-23B SB50QT-16 SB50QT-16(B08) Powerband50 SB50QT-16(B10)@ SG125-14F SG125-30 SG125-J SG125GY-6 SG125T-6 SG125T-9A SG400 SG50QT-2A(Urban) SJ125-23 SJ125-24 SJ125-26 SJ125-27 SK125-2 SK125-4 SK125-5 SK125GY-A SK125T-14 SK125T-18 SK125T-21 SK125T-21-SM SK50QT SK50QT-19 SK50QT-21 SK50QT-21-SM SK50QT-21@SM SK50QT-9 SM50 SMAX125 SPEEDFIGHT100 ST125-8A ST50-3SM ST50-3TR ST50SM ST50TR STEALTH125 STR125YB STR50 TRIGGERSM50 V-CLIC WY125-16C WY125-24B WY125-B08 WY125-B09 WY125T-21(B08) WY125T-21(B10) WY125T-23A WY125T-23B WY125T-74 WY50QT-16(Zennco) WY50QT-16(B08) XF125GY-2B XF125L-4B XGJ125-23 XT125-16 XT125-18 XT125GY XT50Q XY125GY-5E YB125T-15 YB125T-15(B) YB125T-22 YB125T-22C YB125T-22D YB50QT-3 YB50QT-6 YB50QT-9 YY125T-12 YY125T-19 YY50QT-6 ZN125T-32A ZN125T-E ZN125T-F ZN125T-K ZN50QT-11 ZN50QT-15A ZN50QT-32A ZN50QT-A ZN50QT-E ZN50QT-K ZS125-30 ZS125-50 ZS125GY-10 ZS250GS